Tom Ford is following a trend, not setting one

Berlin, 12.02.2016 - Last week, Tom Ford and Burberry made big news by announcing that they were cancelling their shows at New York Fashion Week, opting instead to preview styles in season and make them immediately available for sale. This move has been called “kind of a big deal”, “groundbreaking”, and “bound to send seismic shudders through the rest of the fashion world”.

This news may seem groundbreaking if you live in the high fashion world of Rolls Royces and Goût de Diamants, but let’s set the record straight here: Tom Ford is following a trend, not setting one.

High fashion companies have felt their grip on the industry loosen in recent years as consumers have turned to new outlets for their fashion desires. Today’s fashion consumer wants options, wants them today, and wants to be able to buy online.

Burberry’s CEO Christopher Bailey seemed to have realized something profound last week when he remarked, “it’s always summer somewhere in the world.” No kidding, Mr. Bailey. Which is why even Fast Fashion companies have fallen on hard times.

Agile Retailers like Lesara have pushed fashion to its new limit of relevance. Styles aren’t just produced for every season, but thousands of styles are available for consumers to choose from. Last year, Lesara produced over 50,000 styles and reduced the time it takes to produce a new piece to just ten days.

Most importantly, Agile Retailers don’t actively watch fashion shows, and haven’t for a long time! It may seem revolutionary that Tom Ford and Burberry have boldly decided to show their styles in season, but the same connectivity that is driving consumer demand is also informing consumer preferences. Smart data can be leveraged to understand what people like, what they will buy, and what they will wear.

The entire circus surrounding fashion weeks, from the shows to the media to the celebrities, has less bearing on consumer interest than ever before. Trends are set and take-off online.

So take note, high fashion. You’re following a trend, and you’re miles behind! #KeepUp

About Lesara

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