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Lesara boasts an international team who make it their mission to provide our customers with a wide range of quality fashion and lifestyle products at the best possible price. We are changing the face of the fashion industry with agile retail. Less waste, faster turnover and the implementation of big data are just a few avenues that distinguish Lesara within the industry. We are only able to achieve this level of success with a first-class team who work together. We work hard, we work smart and we work with a passion for achieving the impossible. Join us on our mission, we’ve only just begun!

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Quick Facts
  • Headquarter and first office; opened in September 2013
  • 250+ team members
  • 12+ languages (English is the official office language)
  • Office location: Berlin-Mitte

Meet the Team

Our modern headquarters in Berlin is located very close to the vibrant Alexanderplatz and the famous Fernsehturm (television tower), one of the most important landmarks in the German capital. The charming little eateries along the banks of the neighbouring river Spree, offer spectacular views of the city, as you relish a meal with colleagues over lunch or unwind after a busy day at work.

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Quick Facts
  • Launching in August 2018
  • Soon to be 200+ team members
  • 2+ languages spoken (German is the official language)
  • Distribution Center location: GVZ Erfurt

Meet the Team

The setting up of our new distribution center, in the Thuringian capital of Erfurt in the heart of Germany, is in full swing! After the launch in August 2018, the 200-member team will take care of all logistic matters, such as incoming supplies, storage and distribution of parcels, to ensure every order reaches our customers safe and sound!

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Quick Facts
  • Launched in May 2015
  • 70+ team members
  • 5+ languages (English is the official office language)
  • Office location: Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou

Meet the Team

Our offices in Guangzhou & Shenzhen, China are located in the vibrant business province, Guangdong. Our teams there work on sourcing, sampling and supply chain management. The hottest trends identified by us are brought to life in our photo studio and their quality closely monitored by our quality control team, followed by optimisation of delivery processes.

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Company Culture

Our Values

1. Bold in content, modest in style.

We believe in being humble innovators and avoid ego at all costs

2. No to limits, yes to opportunities.

We believe in challenging the definition of impossible.

3. Open, clear & direct communication.

We believe in sharing knowledge with our team in a manner which is transparent, easy to understand, and efficient.

4. Grow. Together.

We believe Lesara is more than the sum of its parts. At the pace we’re going, voracious learning and knowledge sharing are inevitable.

5. The best decisions are built on the best logic.

We believe in logically sound decisions, based on experience and backed by data.

6. Customers are the why and the because.

We believe happy customers are the key to a successful business which is why the customers are the reason we do everything

7. Wake up excited for every day.

We believe life is way too short to not be happy in your personal and professional life, so we do whatever we can to spread happiness.

Culture Code

Lesara’s culture code is the core of what it takes to work and thrive at our company. For us, it’s not just a cool-phrased plaque on the wall, but how we determine who has what it takes to join, thrive and grow in our team.

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Head of People & Culture [email protected]

Julie is your contact person for all matters pertaining to our job openings. You will get a chance to meet her in person during your application process.

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